Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Blocking Along

 So, do you think that I managed to make my target 16 x 365 challenge blocks this week?

Count along and we'll see!

This is the first block that I had to make.  Of course, I hadn't realised that I'd have a 12" square 'special' on my list  - I was tempted to call that 16 blocks done - it's the right area for 16 blocks, after all, but I realised that it wouldn't help my block count / date target to do that, so I persevered!
 Four blocks here - so up to five in total.

Points missing, I'm afraid..... but not a bad crop overall.
 Another four (with a howling mistake on the ivy leaf - I might have to go back and fix that!).  So that's nine blocks.
 This little cutie - I can hardly wait to see this simple block made up in 2 1/2" strips.  I need to do the maths and see how big a block this would make.  It makes me smile.

Ten blocks so far..... keep counting!
 Ah.  Ok.  Stop counting!

So, no, I didn't make my target - I haven't even got 16 blocks cut out!  Oh well.  Fun to have a target but I'm not going to berate myself for not quite making it, but carry on playing with a smile on my face.
 One post card here - sheer fabric over printed houses. Start of a play of overlays.
Last (but not least!) a lovely fabric wristlet from my lovely friend Benta.  Thanks, Benta - its fab!

I'm off to see how I do with my block target this week.  Happy sewing, everyone!


  1. Beautiful colours for the blocks. I set myself targets too, but never make it!

    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  2. Glad you like the keyring! I see what you mean about that block, that would make a fab big quilt!


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