Wednesday, 19 October 2016

New Gadget!

 My ever lovely, ever thoughtful big sister was clearly paying attention last month when I was rigging up  a 'light box' with a sewing machine extender table and some camping lights.

For my birthday I received the most stylish light box that I've ever seen!

Thin like a computer tablet, but with a surface that you can draw on and a control for how bright the light is.
 I had seen some rather lovely miniature Baltimore style applique (one of the traditional suitcase collection quilts on loan from the Quilters Guild that I saw through Richmond and Kew Quilters) so I thought that I'd trace some positioning squares with wash away pen and then work on making the applique pieces for them.

Turns out that the ones that I was most attracted to were ones that could be turned into simple stitcheries..... so that's what I've done instead!

Such a great product - it even comes with a bag to store it in, so you don't have to crush it in a stack of stuff, but can easily hang it within easy reach - genius!  I'm really pleased with it!
My other sewing related task this week was to pull out this stack of fabrics for a mystery quilt that I'm planning to make with RKQ too.

Next I need to cut them up, following the first step of the mystery.

Happy sewing, everyone!

PS For those who are interested, the light box I have been given is a 'Vario' A4 light box - they also make an A3 size in a similar format.  Available from Amazon and I'm sure other places too!  NAYY


  1. A light box - what a wonderful gift! Perhaps you will have to make your sister something special as a thank you?

  2. Lightboxes make life so much easier, I have seen these ultra thin ones and they look amazing. It is a stroke of genius that your sister got you one!

  3. Where did your sister get the light box? Brand name, or store, etc. Interesting!

  4. Happy Belated Birthday Plum and glad it was a day of fun, surprises and laughter and better still to see you are using one of your special gift. Its sure nice to have a light box at the tip of your fingers happy playing Hugs Glenda

  5. I'd also like to know more about the lightbox. I've been contemplating adding one to my sewing room. You have a nice sister! (so do I, but she's definitely not comfortable with anything sewing related)

  6. What a good sister!!!!! Are you doing the mystery quilt? Well done fir not being put off by those tiny cuts! Looking forward to seeing it xxx


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