Wednesday, 7 September 2016

In Love Again!

 Remember that ugly baggy bit of quilt I showed you last week?  Well, I jumped in, feet first,
and started quilting the oceans - and it's made all the difference!  I'm totally in love with it again!

The quilt is no longer baggy and saggy.  It took me about 16 hours in total to quilt this top (which is roughly 60" x 40").

Swirls on the ocean and 'graffiti quilting' on the land masses.

I can't promise that it will lay flat, but I'll have done my best!

Binding, hanging sleeves and label still to do - but I'm making good progress on it!


  1. I think this is a great, imaginative quilt. I love how your made up the land masses and your quilting is just perfect for the quilt.

  2. This is phenomenal! I would like to see a picture of the whole quilt, please!

  3. Oh wow! Looking fab! Hope she loves it!

  4. Oh good for you--i love your colors...and the swirls are so pretty--(Did Hermine roil up those waters ? LOL) hugs, Julierose


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