Friday, 2 September 2016

Deja Vu

 Do you remember a few years ago I made a 'flower tree' with lots of fused flowers?  And that after I'd sewn around the edge of each fused flower I ended up with baggy areas in between that I really struggled to quilt (in fact it took me months and months of just trying to work out what to do and to pluck up the courage to actually do it)?

Deja vu with the fused world map that I'm working on - but this time I don't have months and months - it needs to be finished SOON!
 I need to quilt the ocean over the weekend, then quilt The Americas....and fall back in love with the project, I hope!  It was all going so well until this point!

Turning to projects that I am still in love with (!)  I've made great strides (pun intended) with this little wall quilt.
 I'm happy with how the stitching is going, but I need to finish the lower RHS and then decide on my stitching direction on the top section.
 I also made good progress on this hexie quilt - big stipple quilted and the binding machine sewing to the front.

I need to hand stitch the back of the binding down now, but not until after I've completed the world map quilt and perhaps the QST quilt which I have decided will be quilted with orange thread, rather than my usual grey!

Lots to keep me occupied when the DD's go back to school next week!

I hope to show you a progress post on the world map right from the beginning next time I blog.  Cross your fingers that I'm able to quilt the baggy problems out of it in the meantime!


  1. Oh those hexie flowers look amazing--so pretty. i have never done fusing--it looks to be a bit tricky...but i see you're "walkin' the walk" really well LOL hugs, Julierose


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