Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Oh, the potential!

 Oh, indeed, what potential these little blocks have!

I have reached 'April 22nd' on the 365 Challenge - which is significant because I have now, I am told, make enough 3 1/2" 'dark' blocks to be able to make the border to surround the centre medallion!!!
It's going to be a fun game trying to balance the different flashes of colour as well as shapes within the blocks - wish me luck!  I'm not sure whether to drop everything and concentrate on that, or whether to just keep pressing ahead with making the next series of blocks in an effort to get a bit more up to date!

Of course, the range of untrimmed blocks here will need to be seen by a rotary cutter and ruler square before that happens!

My only other quilting news this week is that I attended a very entertaining talk by Janet Clare about her textile business and how it has developed.  I went to one of her workshops several years ago, but she's been awfully busy since then!  Several books (you might remember that I won one of them, 'Quilt Home Quilt' a couple of years ago) and lots of other lovely projects.  Plenty to enjoy!

Off to bind the edge of some oven gloves (I don't have small hands, but still haven't managed to find oven gloves small enough for me, so I'm compromising by 'hacking' some Ikea ones) whilst I decide whether to join blocks or make more new ones!


  1. Hi Plum, funny how some weeks we seem to sew all week but don't have much to show and another week we have lots to show, how lovely your wee blocks are and they are so tiny, not sure if I would have the patience that you have, I think I'll stick with my 4 1/2 inch circles LOL. Hugs Glenda

  2. Your batik blocks are looking fab, well done for keeping up!

  3. Dear Plum

    I look at all these little blocks and instead of sewing them all together at once, I will square of two a day, sew them together, until I have done them all. Then slowly add those together, almost like a block a day. Yours is looking fantastic!

  4. Lovely blocks Plum. I love your colours.


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