Wednesday, 25 May 2016

More sewing fun!

 I'm happy that I've managed to make more 365 challenge blocks than there are days of the week - first time for ages that I've had the energy to do that!

All these blocks are 6 1/2" square and made of lights / brights from my batik stash.
Of course, I didn't manage to get everything right first time.  The block on the right has the top right hand corner sewn on wrong, so I'll need to unpick that and re-sew it.

I've put it next to this other block - Flower Garden Path - that I am pleased with.  Partly it reminds me that I can sew things right the first time (!) and partly because I was interested to see the differences in the blocks that are both nine patches with chevrons in the middle outer four squares.

Apart from this there is a little bit of cross stitching going on, but not much else...... Hope that you too are enjoying something creative this week!


  1. Pretty fabric arrangement. I like it!

  2. Very pretty fabrics. Your quilt is going to be gorgeous

  3. these are lovely Plum. the yellow really sets off the colourful batiks.

  4. Hi Plum, your wee blocks are amazing, what patience you must have they are so well made they look much much bigger than 6 1/2 inches. So so many tiny pieces, I thought DJ were small??? They look lovely in the Batik fabrics and I'm sure this fabric does make working with suc h small pieces easier. Sorry to read you have not felt so well lately and hope you are slowly recovering. hugs Glenda

  5. Love the brights in these blocks! It's going to be a beautiful quilt when you get it done.

  6. Such complex blocks and tiny pieces! I'm in awe! The colours are lovely and summery! Do you ever see Rosa's blog? ( She is doing the 365 too, it's great seeing what the two of you are doing! Hope you have a good half term


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