Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Stand out!

 I've made progress on my 'stand out from the crowd' quilt top.

I had hoped to be quilting it today, but when I went to the place where I *knew* I had a piece of wadding large enough (the quilt top is about 44" square, now that I've put the borders on) I discovered instead a bag of soft toy stuffing!  Doh!

Wadding on order...... but I've started some hand sewing on my applique tree mini quilt instead.
I did go ahead and make the warmers that I planned last week, though.  The rice was the right amount for three warmers with a handful of rice left over for the hens to eat!

I've been working on some fabric postcards too - I hope to finish and photograph them for next week!


  1. Your top is gorgeous. So simple, but so fun. Lovely fabrics.

  2. Very fun quilt. Love the simplicity and the color palette. Hope you can get to quilting it soon.

  3. Great quilts - SO annoying when memory plays tricks like that! I've lost a yellow dinosaur panel that needs to be stitched for nephew before mum flies to Oz next week! I've given up looking and bought a replacement!


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