Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Recycling Rice

Anyone else got bowls of raw rice now that the decorations are down?  I'm thinking that anyone who made sock snowmen but wants to store them without attracting mice will be in the same boat as me - with lots of rice on hand!
I think that I'll recycle mine into microwave heat bags.  I don't know if you have a favourite size / weight, but I do!  I make mine with 750g of dry rice, split into three equal 'bays'.  My starting size of fabric is 17" x 11", which I fold in half lengthways and stitch around two sides, before filling in thirds, sewing the top of each 'bay' as I go.
That will keep me out of mischief for a little while - longer if I add a proper covers for them too.  I heat mine for 2 mins 20 seconds in an 800w microwave.  Great for soothing sore joints or warming chilly feet!
My other mini project is a tumblers mini quilt, inspired by my new book and using some of my Christmas present fabric.
I made  this background - tumblers are 2" tall - and eventually ironed it.
Next I sketched a curly tree onto some heat 'n' bond, and ironed it to some pale pink fabric.
Then I had to cut it out.  Time consuming, as I had to do it over a couple of days. 
Now it's ironed onto the background ready to sew.  Hand or machine?  I'm not sure yet!
Hope that you have fun projects to start your new year with!


  1. Great idea. I only heat mine (a bought one, but I will make them next year) in the summer if necessary. In the winter I leave it permanently on the radiator, so it stays warm all the time.
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. I used Christmas socks to make rice warmers as Christmas pressies. A loo roll in the opening of the sock made it easier to get the rice in, then wrapped a hair bobble (not the ones with a metal fastener) to close off the sock

  3. Love your tree design on the thumbles, looks great.


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