Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Happy Sewing!

 This week has been a good week for small finishes - well, tiny finishes, really!
I've made cards for a couple of swaps and for a friend.
These homes on the fill are all made without fusible - just hope holding the bits of fabric into place until I stitched them down.
 These ones were made differently. Fused fabrics for the red and blue, then freezer paper leaves added on top to give a bit of depth.  Then the background was machine quilted.
 Another non-fusible piece.
 My last card - fusible applique with very dense quilting.

Lots of satisfaction from these makes!
 I also made a cushion (and, indeed, the cushion pad - the silver lining from finding the large bag of stuffing last week!). for my BiL.   I wanted to include green and gold with a bit of brighter stuff, so came up with this simple pattern which I then quilting in way that was trying to bring out the diagonal pattern.
 Naturally, I couldn't have a week with finishes and no starts, and as the first part of Little Hazel was released by Esther Aliu I decided to start that using some spotty fabric.

Of course, what you shouldn't do is decide that you will invest a very few minutes in starting it, when you are on a deadline to go out to the theatre.

You may find, ahem, that you leave off a crucial marking (in my case, which end of the template was the centre) and end up with more of a flower pixie hat than a flat quilt centre!
Of course, I then had to reinvest extra time to unpick those little seams and to make a properly flat version of it.  This looks much better!

Later today I'll add in the rest of the circle to complete the first step.

Thank you, Esther!


  1. Love those little houses--so cute--they look lived in!! lol hugs, Julierose

  2. They cards look great, especially the houses, and the dotty flower looks fab - I'm off to follow the link X


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