Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Wild Women, Love Entwined and Coincidence!

 Last night some gal pals and I made Wild Women - inspired by the beautiful originals by ThreadAddict here.

Whilst ours don't match up to the care and skill employed on the originals, they do have their own charm, even if they look as though they've just rolled out of a night club at 3.00am on a Friday morning and are going to regret their hangovers in the morning!

 These are the ones that I've made so far this month, partly as little extras for the craft stall at the Richmond and Kew Quilters show (Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th October - hope to see you there!) and partly as trials to see if they are easy enough for my daughters and their friends to make their own versions.  The jury is still out on that!
 I also realised that although I'd shown you my Love Entwined quilt whilst it was being blocked, I hadn't shown you it on the wall.

It greets us as we enter the house now.  I've shown you how it is, hanging over the keyboard where DD2 practices every day.  I didn't want to show you that, though, just the lily flower on the plant to the right that really looks like the one on the quilt (from the bottom RH vase). Hard to pick out, but it's there in pale pink!
Here it is shown in all it's glory!  I wish that I was a better photographer - it does actually hang straight on the wall, not wonky!

My machine sewing this week has been to make replacement café curtains for our bedroom.  Not the most exciting sewing to do, but I was able to use some lovely seed scattered 'Je ne sais quoi' fabric for it.  Nice to have a change from the ones that had been up for the last 20 years and which were starting to look a bit tatty!

Finally, the coincidence is that this is my 289th blog post and also the day when I've just put my 289th book into my Kindle folder of 'Plum's read this'.  Not enough to set the world alight, but I'll be looking around to see if there are any other 289 'things' today!

Hope that you are having a burst of autumnal creativity this week - or just some fun coincidences!


  1. Your LE is so pretty. She will brighten up your home during the long, dreary winter days ahead. Your daughters and her friends will enjoy making the wild women! Blessings, Gretchen

  2. found you on silkstitches , i am a quilter from Ga. following you now

  3. Your LE looks amazing. Curtains aren't very exciting but as you say they will be looked at for a good few years so worth doing a good job on :)

  4. Your LE is gorgeous! I hope you link to Esther's gallery for LEs - share it. I've been toying with the thought of stopping with the center. Your lovely version is pulling me in that direction. Thank you for sharing.

  5. I haven't seen those wild women before, they look like great fun :)

    Plum, your LE is superb! The colours are great and I'm loving it with just the centre, that really works. What a beauty, please you consider adding it to the LE gallery, I'd love to see it shared. There are LE's coming out thick and fast now and it's so exciting, there'll all so incredible. As is yours.

    I think you picked the perfect spot for your LE, I also have my quilts on the wall where I can enjoy them all the time and I LOVE your lily planted there as well, how charming!

  6. Oh Plum your LE is so beautiful what a joy to have it hung, I have so enjoyed your blog to day what fun your daughter and friends will have I have a smile on my face. Cheers Glenda

  7. Two extremes of creations there, but both are fab!


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