Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Ticking Along

 Over a month since I machine sewed the binding around this cot quilt - but now it's finished!  34" square, I like the patterns on this 'disappearing' block.  I still think that it would be best with scrappy blocks or just using two fabrics, though. If you squint at the screen you get a better idea of the overall pattern.  I'll have to put it on the list for when I get the urge to make another speedy pieced quilt!
The 'original' sewing this week was (another!) zippy pouch.  Now that I have the knack of making these, its hard to stop producing them for birthdays and small gifts!

This week I'm hoping to get some Dear Jane binding done.  Good to be able to have some easy hand sewing to cosy up in front of the TV with!

I'm also starting to look through my quilt books for a longer term project.  I had thought that once I'd finished 'Dear Jane' I'd move on to 'Dear Hannah' by the same author.  However, now that I've taken it down and had a good look at it, I realise that it seems a bit schizophrenic.  I'm not sure that the pieced blocks and the applique blocks (Brenda P mixed blocks from two historic quilts) work together as well as I'd like them too.  Perhaps I'll take a selection of each and make two smaller projects. 

I've also wondered about Susan Briscoe's 1718 coverlet.  Hard to choose what to do!  I rather think that my mini storm at sea might be resurrected in the meantime.  Small and not too demanding in terms of brain power!

Any other suggestions?  I'm after something that it is a mix of machine and hand sewing, lots of variety moving to a 'common goal' of a finished quilt.


  1. I love the geometrical shapes on the quilt. What is the name of the pattern? Looks like one I would like to make :)

  2. I love that quilt and am always on the hunt of a speedily pieced quilt ... like Sandra, I would love to know the name of it.

  3. The 1718 coverlet would sure be a challenge Plum. I saw it when the quilts came out here to OZ, intact I went 5 times tot he exhibition it was incredible to see all those beautiful old quilts and coverlet's. My driving passion is finishing and restoring quilts from the 1930's and I'm trying to finish 3 at present so have stopped making any new quilts even though my mind is full of designs I'd like to make up LOL. Hugs Glenda

  4. I do like your 'disappearing' pattern quilt, looks like a good one to use scraps up with too.
    I have recently discovered the designer Irene Blanck and love some of her quilt designs - worth a look maybe?

  5. Your small quilt is very pretty. In January several friends and I are starting to piece the Salinda Rupp quilt aka Nearly Insane. I don't know how much hand sewing there is but plenty of foundation paper piecing. If you decide to create a 1718 coverlet, what fabrics would you use?

  6. Hahaha, I'm getting addicted to zippy pouches too!! Love the geometric quilt xx

  7. Congrats on the finish. I love the use of fabric in that quilt. Very dramatic.


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