Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Work in Progress!

I'm spending time 'rebuilding' my sewing room / study / spare room - so here's the tour of how its looking at the moment.

Starting off behind the door - this bookshelf is a work in progress - lots of juggling things about as items return to the room and I choose their new locations.

To the right you can just see my 'design wall' (a fleece on a pole) .
Another shot further around the room.  You can see some shelves on the back wall which are now starting to fill up with books.

One day there will be a sofa bed on the back wall, with a quilt hanging above it.

You can see the flattened boxes that I've emptied and you can see the bookshelf lying down that won't fit in, and drawer units that were on their way to under my sewing table.
 Further round the room, you can see the second of the two windows that look over the garden.  My laptop is set up nearest the window, the one that my DDs use is right next to it (part of the reason for having two chairs along this table.

When you are re-sorting it always looks like such a mess, doesn't it?
 Final shot, showing the layout right the way back round to the door where we started.

Difficult to tell from the photos, but the room is a stubby L shape.  The tables are a total of 2.8m.  The opposite wall is just over 2m.

So my WIP is unpacking, sorting, organising.  Its going to take a while!
This represents the total of my sewing output - a zippy purse and a warmer.  Its not much, but enough to keep me happy that I've at least started sewing in the 'new' room!

It feels good to be able to do even just a little back in here.

Hope that you are enjoying your summer too!


  1. Could you come to my house next and do my room? Right now I can't even get in to it!

  2. I dread doing rearranging but doesn't it feel good to have it completed? Now you can really focus on sewing!

  3. What a nice sewing room you've got! I just spent yesterday rearranging my stash. I don't have a "real" sewing studio/room to reorganize/rearrange, just a portion of a small spare bedroom.

  4. Oh boy I am sick of 're-arranging' my sewing room, at least it looks like you have a grip on yours!

  5. Looking great! Another week or so and the girls go back to school!


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