Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Small Stuff

Having put aside my Dear Jane for the moment, until I've got a clear enough floor to baste it (well, 'them' - see my last post!), I've been making small stuff.

Like this micro quilt - just 3 1/4" square, with an improv 12 patch middle, fully bound.  Fun to do to and inspired by Amanda jane at crazymomquilts.

I expect to make more over the summer - they are a good way to use a tiny bit of scrap stash with a fun result.
 More small things here - trying to see what I could make out of two tea towels from Poundland.  The answer was: a notebook cover, a tissue pouch, a zipper pouch and a tiny purse.  I had fun with these, but the tea towels I was using were quite loosely woven, which means that I'm not sure that these objects are going to last with much use.....

Thanks, Benta, for the original idea for the zipper purse and tea towel use, though!
I've also made four fabric postcards.

These two I took photos of, the other ones,  It turns out that I didn't!

I also failed to take photos of another couple of personalised covered notebooks and tissue holders - last minute end-of-term stuff!
Lastly, with hardly any sewing, a bunting card to celebrate another significant birthday for a friend.

In between these I've been sewing a few of my little storm at sea blocks.

Now that the school holidays have started in earnest it's more difficult to work on larger projects but at least I'm getting my sewing fix in other ways!


  1. Excellent projects Plum - was that a last minute flurry before school hols? I love the quilting on that 60 card. Regarding basting - I'm splashing out on getting my Ricky Tims Kaleidoscope professionally basted by Isabelle at Compton Quilting . After all that piecing effort, I don't want to risk any wrinkles due to sloppy basting! Maybe I can give your CD back now!

  2. I'm so glad the tea towel projects worked out! Such a cheap supply of fabric!! Enjoy the summer!


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