Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Where once there was sewing.....

 This is how my sewing room looks at the moment.

What you can't see is all the dust hanging in the air from when they took the ceiling down.  We live next to a railway, and it looked as though there were a lot of steam train smuts from the pre-electric era that had gathered under that slate roof and above the ceiling.  Black dust everywhere, despite the best efforts of the builders to contain it!
 This is looking up through the joists to where the chimney breast has been taken down.

So far, just the cosmetic work has been started, and scaffolding put up outside.

Soon they will be taking down the left hand wall and building a 'floating' extension.

I've retreated to my 'cave' - our bedroom which is now home to my sewing machine, PC and our 'important' paperwork!
For light relief DD2 and I went out for a trip as she had a day off school.

We both like coming across labyrinths in the underground stations.  Just the sort of thing to help calm the mind, either from the concern about the builders starting or the excitement of a first trip to Oxford Street shops!

I did manage to get the Heart It quilt basted last week, before the dust descended.  As it's 60" square I'm working up to the idea of quilting it in my temporarily reduced space by quilting another project instead - I hope to have a photo or two to show you next week!

Hope that you are enjoying some early summer crafting!


  1. You never know whats hiding behind the walls. Shame it wasn't a sack full of money up there!

  2. We live in a 1855 house, we have the tax recite to prove it, and they are murder to work on.

  3. Just think how fab it will be when it's done! Xxx

  4. Oh Plum I do not envy what you are going through, that fine dust seeps in to every thing and every where. I helped my son clean up his wifes grandfathers old farm house in Japan over 100 years old and when he took down part of the ceiling there was a layer of this fine dust about an 1inch thick as fine as talcum powder and black. But it WILL be worth all that dust in the end. LOL. Hugs Glenda


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