Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Hurrah! Getting on with Projects!

 This is my current sewing space - a corner of our bedroom which also houses 'the study' - laptop, printer etc.

Its not as big as the space that I usually have, but I realise that I am lucky to be able to dedicate any space at all to it!

I've only sewn through a pile of paper once (so far!) whilst quilting.  Not to self to remove ALL loose items from the surfaces first!
 More exciting than anything else happening (and that says volumes when you see the exciting progress on the building work!) is that my hand and wrist have improved sufficiently for me to be able to hand stitch (just a little!) again.

I started with the back of the binding on this little ' Angelika' (small quilt from leftovers of a bigger quilt).  I couldn't quite remember when I'd made it - but searching back on the blog I mentioned it and it's big sister in early March, so it was due to be finished!
 Yet more excitement, as I finally accepted that even with a hand that could sew a little, I wasn't prepared to let it loose on actual quilting (which for me is still a more difficult skill).

So, this hand quilting (from before my hand problems) on my Love Entwined will stay, but not be joined by any more.
 So, free from 'wants and wishes' I embarked on simple machine quilting for my LE.

I carried on using the same King Tut variegated quilting thread. The texture is very different to hand quilting, but it won't be clogging my mind as an unfinished piece!

Here are the four quarters of my (now finished for me!) Love Entwined project.

Look carefully and you'll see a snake coming out of one of the flowers on the left of this bouquet.
 These little berried were so close together that the machine foot wanted to catch under their stitching when I was quilting around them - but I managed!
 You can see that I simplified the pattern slightly - no additional tiny circles on the grey pointed oval shapes that make up a flower.
 The final corner.  I tried to major on a different part of the colour wheel for each vase and display, whilst bringing in enough of the fabrics from the other corners to tie them together.
 So this is the back of my baby Love Entwined.
(Shown before I stitched the hanging sleeve down).
And this is the front of it.  I'm thrilled to have finished this section - and full of admiration for people who have taken on the whole thing, which is much, much larger than mine.

I've really enjoyed making this, but I'm also happy that its finished so that I'll be able to display it (once the builders are through with making dust!).

I've just started quilting my Heart It quilt now, so still plenty more fun to be had in my little quilting space!


  1. Ohhh Plum how very very beautiful, for some reason my eyes seem to see a lovely pale pale blue background circle in the centre that bleeds in to a darker blue outer square quiet stunning. I'm guessing it is the darker blue fabrics you have used in the Zig Zag border. I like how you have 4 different vases and how well the coloured flowers go with each vase. Love the yellow oak leaves and the aqua hearts. All in all this quilt just ZINGS> Congratulations on finishing the quilting on it and I'm looking forward to seeing it hanging once the builders leave. Hugs Glenda

  2. Splurging your quilt is beautiful you must be proud. Sore hands are not fun. I am plaques with them too. I just love your colours and it's a great feeling to get it quilted. Machine quilting is always a struggle for me too I am always afraid I will mess it up. Bunny

  3. Gorgeous Plum, so glad you have been able to finish it.

  4. Hurrah? HURRAH! Oh my goodness, I must confess that every time I see Love Entwined out in someone else's hand, it brings a tear to my eye as I love this coverlet so much...and yours is especially gorgeous, it really is.

    You must be so proud, I'm so proud for you and I'm only looking!

    Don't forget to add your massive achievement to the LE linky. I am migrating the linky to its own LE site which will have info for the book we're going to publish, so stay tuned. And thank you for sharing Plum, what a treat for us all.

  5. What a beautiful quilt Plum.You must be very proud of it!


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