Wednesday, 6 May 2015

The Middle of the Middle

 I've started putting things together!

In truth, I haven't quite finished the bow tie blocks (nearly though!) - but I decided to start the layout on my 'design wall' (otherwise known as a bit of fleece hung on the wall!).

Of course, once I'd put the blocks up I wanted to start joining them together - so I did!

It's very exciting when you get to that stage, isn't it?
 Wobbly photos - but you can see a little more of the fabrics that I've been using here.

You can also see that I've made a slight variation to Esther's pattern and put a quarter circle in the corner instead of a straight triangle.  I think that a tear drop with the smallest part of the drop into the inner corner might work even better, but I didn't think of that early enough in the process!
I took this photo slantwise to try and show the dimension of the grey squares in my 3D bow tie blocks.

It's all very exciting, isn't it?  I'm looking forward to working on it again this week and perhaps getting the top (or at least, the part of the top that I'm planning on making - I'm not going to make the outer hearts and scallops) completed.

Hope that you have some happy stitching planned this week too!


  1. It is very exciting! This is going to be a stunning quilt, congratulations xx

  2. Oh my gosh Plum, that's fantastic!!! I won't be coming on Monday, I've still got your cathedral windows book, can you wait until June?

  3. Oh my! This is gorgeous! Plum, I just love the fabrics you're using and the tone they create, its really effective and I think you're little corner change is super cute. Have a beautiful weekend,


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