Wednesday, 22 April 2015


 So lasagne and scallops may not be an ideal meal, but it entertained me that the photos I have to show you this week both have food names!

This 'lasagne' quilt was made by me a few weeks ago, as part of my scrap busting burst of energy.

I suppose that I should call it a coverlet rather than a quilt, as it is quilted straight onto fleece rather than having three layers.

It was fun and fast to sew, but I had hoped that the light and dark fabrics would distribute themselves more evenly across the whole piece.  I know that I could have ripped some stitches out and changed it, but I felt that that would be cheating, so left it more imperfect than perhaps I really like.
The scallops (not the edible kind at all!) are the ones from Esther's 'Heart It' quilt.  I've finally got around to starting the ironing / cutting / gluing process with the shapes that I'd got others to cut out for me.  I can only cut a few each day, though, as I'm still being careful with my wrist.

In the shoe box are the bowtie blocks from the quilt.  Not quite finished them yet, but nearly!  It's nice to be making progress on this quilt again.

Happy stitching, everyone!


  1. I like your lasagna quilt's colors a lot! the scallops sound very interesting--will be watching to see how they go together...hugs, Julierose

  2. Happy Stitching to you too.
    I'm going through some of the link ups for the week, but really need to get sewing on this apron.

  3. Egret scrap quilt seems like the more scrap we use the more they multiply. LOL looking forward to seeing your heart quilt.

  4. " so left it more imperfect than perhaps I really like"??? Can we use "a bit more random than I expected" instead? I Love the name though, I haven't heard it called that before! Glad you are still resting the wrist x


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