Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Cake and Cake

DD1 turned 12 this week - almost unbelievable!  She had a book themed party, so the cake had to be a book too, of course.  I was quite pleased with how this one turned out (and glad that I hadn't spent the £15 on an open book shaped cake tin - my old faithful rectangle tin and a bit of carving with a bread knife did the job!).
 I'm so pleased that she was thrilled with it.  Four days on and she still hasn't actually tasted it - turns out that she'd rather have crisps if she's being offered junk food!  Fair enough!
Of course, refusal of chocolate cake didn't mean that I was going to let up, so on her actual birthday she had a lemon cake.

She was equally thrilled, but, of course, hasn't actually eaten any of this one either!

I've managed to give quite a lot away, but I think that we'll have a cake section in the freezer for a while to come.

Naturally we couldn't have a party without an element of crafting.  The seven girls made fabric notebook covers (fun, as some of them hadn't used either a sewing machine or an iron before!).

After we'd stopped sewing we made 'no fastener' books from a single sheet of paper - one from A4 paper, one from 12" square paper - and got the stickers and pens out to decorate them. 

I think it's lovely that these young people are so keen to craft and create and chatter whilst they do so.  I hope that they are developing life long habits, but even if they aren't, I'm glad that they are enjoying the moments now!


  1. How lovely Plum. Those cakes would be demolished in a day in our house!

  2. What a great idea! (I'm teaching your book covers tonight - and haven't packed the heat n bond - thanks for the reminder!!!!)

  3. Hi Plum it looks gorgeous hope it is as good as it looks. My Gran use to always say to me There is more than one way to kill a cat??????? Isn't it a ghastly saying but I knew she was telling me to be lateral thinking and I did grow up trying to work things out on my own till I got what I wanted LOL> Glenda

  4. Brilliant, to be able to introduce young people to the sewing machine (and iron, that rod for women's backs) - and what wonderful cakes!


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