Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Windmills in my mind!

 I'm finding it hard to concentrate this week - I'd like to blame the windy weather or the lingering cold that I've got, but I'm not sure that I can!  I've probably just got too many projects that I want to work on all at once, and not enough time or energy to do that!

One little project this week was to make some simple pouches from colour catchers - preparation for a crafty 'girls night in' that I've planned for later this week.
Very fast to make, and it's made me wonder what my girls could think of to make with them next week when they are off school for half term.  Perhaps they can recycle some, write up a project and try and get their eco (green!) Blue Peter badges?

The only other sewing to show this week is a postcard for my Birthday Swap - the theme was 'circles' for this one, so I had a play with a scrap of fabric that had been gifted to me and some time with my lovely Inktense pencils.

I'm back off to my windmills - perhaps I'd better write a good list and get my projects written into a sensible time line for the week, otherwise I might not manage to get anything else done with a paralysis of indecision!


  1. Sorry to miss the pouches Plum, see you later in the week. Love the circles card.

  2. The colour catcher fabric look great - hope you share the results! Hope you feel well enough to enjoy half term


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