Wednesday, 8 October 2014

More time, please!

 Life seems to have been lived on the run this week, for no particularly good reason!

Sewing time has been reduced by time spent at school meetings, tidying, sorting, and generally having the type of turnout (in some tiny areas of the house - I wouldn't like you to think that things had become too extreme!) that is more usually associated with spring!

Of course, every bit of tidying seems to result in even more ideas for the 'to do' admin and household chores list - never a good idea!  The list now runs to an entire sheet of A4 paper and the plans would total about £45,000 - or about £42,500 more than we actually have to spend right now!  Ho hum.  Back to the drawing board (or at least the sewing machine!).

I have managed a little sewing, though - but as both blocks are for my quilting group's Round Robin, which is kept secret over the five months that it run,
I thought that perhaps I should only show glimpses of the two blocks for my first recipient.

I got to play with a stitchery, an improve border, and some paper piecing.... not bad for just one 'hit' on someone else's project.

I'm hoping to make more progress on other projects this week although time does rather seem to be getting away from me again. 

I think that I'm going to set aside one week a month for (modern) family history and scrapbooking, rather than vacillate between whether to start fiddling with photos or fabric and ending up doing neither!

Hope that your autumn is more productive than mine at the moment!


  1. Hardly any sewing here either :-( Look forward to seeing you on Monday xx

  2. Sounds like you've had a busy week! The block is looking lovely! And I hope you find the time to get lots of sewing done, as well as your other projects!

  3. I honestly don't know how anyone gets anything done. Having a toddler can only be my excuse for a little while longer!


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