Sunday, 7 September 2014

Busy Week!

With one DD back at school and the other starting her new school tomorrow, I'm hoping to have a bit more sewing / crafting time again soon!

In the meantime, I'm still trying to decide whether to be flattered that DD1 wanted a home made PE bag and bag for a second set of clothes.....or concerned that she was too lazy to go to the shops to choose something!

Either way it was a good excuse for a little simple sewing with some fun prints from my stash.

 I even got to use a couple of fancy printed wooden buttons.

Of course, now that I've realised that by using a satin stitch I can sew buttons on with the sewing machine, I'm more likely to let buttons appear on things!

Of course, my hand sewing this week has been mainly name tape labels.....
 I did find a few minutes to make this book cover too, using a left over block.

I'm running out of blocks to pick up and use for this sort of quick project.  Perhaps I'd better do some more random printing and stitching - perfect for when you want something to occupy the fingers but not the brain!
My last little project for the week was this fabric post card for my 'birthday swap'.  I wish that I'd moved the chicks just a little further left so that they didn't look quite as much as though they were going to be stepped on!


  1. I'd go with flattered!!!!!! The chicks are great ! I recognise the bag fabric from your covered book!!!

  2. Hi Plum great chicken and bags. Hope all goes well this week.

  3. What! A girl doesn't want to go shopping?! Very suspicious indeed! ;) All your projects are great, the momma chicken made me laugh. Looks like a typical day of a momma trying not to let her feathers get ruffled by a couple energetic little ones.

  4. Love the bags and good luck with your daughter's first day at school! That chicken and her chicks is adorable! And hooray for more sewing time :-)


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