Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Street art? Street Craft?

 Not quite as 'street' as Benta's post but DD2 and I had fun with this last week.

More 'street' than actual loom bands, we made our own loops by cutting a punctured inner tube (thanks for changing it, Uncle Paul!) crosswise. 

We had fun making 'bobbletail' and 'fish tail' so that we could decorate a lamp post.

 They were quite tough to use.  DD2 let me make the fishtail one as she said that it hurt her fingers!
 She came up with a fastening using the valve, but we still used a couple of cable ties to hold the long one and the others around the lamp post.

More grunge than the average 'yarn bomb' - but I'm not sure that the leafy suburb my brother lives in will really appreciate our crafting efforts.  It will be interesting to hear how long our decoration lasts!
Not much sewing going on, apart from this 'under the sea' post card.

I did manage to finish the binding on last weeks quilt, and I have started putting some shirt hexies together, but nothing to set the world alight, somehow!

You might well know how it is in the holiday season - lots of time doing things with the girls, less time for sewing!

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  1. Oh what fun ! I hope the neighbours appreciate their Cox original! Far better than bought loom bands! X


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