Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Just in time!

 As you may remember, I've been trying to make one quilt every month to give away (mostly for charity, two for teachers of DD1).  So far I've just about managed it - and I'm hoping to sew down the binding on this in time for a July completion for this one!

This photo is to give it some context.  When I did a workshop with Jan Hassard, making her curved log cabins, I didn't have a 1/4" inch foot for the machine that I was using.  This meant that when I got home I could either 1) carry on using this machine or 2) sacrifice this first strip and make the rest of the strips that I'd cut out into a slightly smaller quilt.  As you can guess, I returned to my beloved Bernina and left this first strip hanging forlornly on the wall for some considerable time.

You can see the quilt that I made hanging on the living room wall in this photo.
 So, a couple of years on, I finally decided that I should make a strippy quilt using this log cabin strip for the centre.  It was only slightly longer than the width of a typical fabric, so I didn't lose much of it when making this up with alternate plain blue and 'car' fabric.

I hope that a little boy will like this at some point - and I liked having the practise for some long feathers on a couple of the plain strips - the rest of the quilt was stippled - always best to put plenty of quilting on a pieced quilt that is being made for a child, I find!
So here it is, without the binding being stitched yet.  At least that is easy 'non thinking' sewing to do when the girls are around!

I hope that you are enjoying some summer sewing time too.


  1. I love that curved log cabin, beautiful quilt well done!

  2. What a great use of that first strip it really looks like a twisting ribbon!


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