Tuesday, 1 July 2014

A Pleasure of Small Things

 I'm not sure that I know what a good collective noun for a group of lovely small things might be, so 'a pleasure' would surely fit as well as anything else?  Here's a round up of my week, anyway.  Odd layout as I appear to be falling out with Blogger today.....

 This was my attempt at a campervan cake.

It seemed to go down well.....
These were the 36, oh no, 35 fairy cakes to go along with the large cake (cake making is clearly hungry business!).
Campervan 'tea bag' wallets for helpers / party girl.
These are the campervans that the party goers decorated - aren't they amazing?  Finally, below, some 'use it up' pieces - cushions for a pair of girls who had watched my stitching at ballet lesson time (including the Love Entwined compass centre that I didn't use), finishing up book covers from other samples to go with the specific school one.

Just one more book cover and I'll have finished the school presents for DD1 leaving - it's all going well at the moment! 

Hope you are having a fun crafty summer time so far too!

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  1. Love the camper van themed party! The cake was fab and well done on finding the money boxes! Have you seen the Lego version? The books are looking fab too!


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