Tuesday, 24 June 2014

What a week!

 Hurrah - another quillow finished (although this time I've neglected to take a photo of it folded into its cushion shape - perhaps I'll remember next week!

I can see why this pattern is so popular (thank you Benta for reminding me!) - it is fearsomely fast to put together!  The final quilt is a shade under 60" square.  I quilted with straw coloured Auriful in the background and a variegated purple in the star.
 The other sewing this week was on a smaller scale.  DD2 turned nine, and for her 'not a party, just three friends for a birthday playdate' (code for 'party warm up, next week there will be hordes of small girls rampaging around the house') we made sleeping bags and outfits for the toy dogs that I bought them.
 I neglected to get photos of their excellent projects, so here are my example pieces.

I made the samples, transferred basic shapes onto cereal box card for them to use, and then pretty much stood back to let the mayhem begin!
 Of course, it wasn't quite as simple as that.  After all, three of them claimed never to have used a sewing machine before....although within minutes they were all sewing away.  I had only designed things that had short straight lines, so it all worked out OK!

Quite how we got to making lacy black undies for them I can't remember, but it's likely to have something to do with the bear / no underwear rhyme that one girl made up!  Lucky I had some wide lace lying around..... oh the joys of having a good crafting stash!
This was the cake for the birthday.  Just a couple of days until the birthday party with a whole new cake and a whole tribe of girls round to craft and play!

Children's birthdays are magical, but awfully tiring, aren't they?


  1. What a pretty cake - did you make that? And a fabulous idea, to have them make beds and clothes for the toys.

  2. What a wonderful idea for a girl's party. I will have to keep it in mind as my granddaughters get a bit bigger. They are 1,2 and 6. the 6 year old will be spending lots of time here at the Farm this summer.

  3. What on earth fid the parents think of the black lacy undies? Love it!!!!


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