Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Decisions, Decisions!

 Progress on the quilt has been quite good.

I production lined the making of the blocks, and then laid them out on my table to try and decide on a layout.

Of course, I should have remembered that I generally prefer an odd number of rows and columns if I'm using alternate colours for blocks.  I still wanted to use all the blocks, so cut the extras in half (one of them in quarters) and made a border from them.
This is the finished layout - shown here basted and ready for quilting.

I have even managed to start quilting.  I've started with freehand feathers out to each corner from the middle, but the rest of it will be tight stippling.

But what of the decisions?  Most of them (for example the layout) have been made. Well, I'm trying to decide whether to leave this as a quilt, or whether to turn it into a quillow.  A quilt means a faster finish, a quillow might mean that it is better used / more useful for the intended recipient.  Hmmmm.  Time for more pondering whilst I do a little more meditative quilting!


  1. I've only made one quillow but certainly think I will make more, it's so useful to have the cushion option and is an easy way of actually storing the quilt - you can only have so many draped around the place after all. Great design and colours.

  2. Oh!!!! this is a lovely quilt--I am "into" aqua lately....and with those pinks/red/maroons--it really sparkles--nice piece...hugs, Julierose

  3. I love the concept of meditative quilting! Beautiful colours as ever.

  4. A beautiful quilt. Love the colors. I lay mine on the guest bed so having them laying around is not an issue, so no quillow for me. But then it depends on the recepient. Thanks for sharing.

  5. PC - what a beautiful quilt -- but do tell me - what is a "Quillow"... and how does it take more time than a Quilt ? Your colors and layout are very pretty -- and going back through your blog -- your little stitched and sewn and cut out birdies are so cute!!

  6. Creative use of those extra blocks!

  7. That layout is fab, love the improvising!!!! I've never made a quillow maybe it's time to get my head around it ... When do you have to decide?


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