Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Who's the prawn singing to?

I have to confess that 'Who's the prawn singing to?' wasn't what I was expecting to hear when I made a little exuberant quilted piece.  I was thinking that it was abstract swirls and curves and lovely bright colours to celebrate life whilst we still can!

However, stepping back from the glorious spring feeling, I can understand the question, although I don't have an answer to it!

Of course, I can't actually blame that question for not getting this project (destined to be a book cover, I've decided - it's roughly A4) finished.  Sigh.  Another UFO for the moment.
On a happier note I did manage to both start and finish this (18") cushion cover yesterday.  A teacher will be getting married during the Easter hols.  As she has managed to cope with both my girls during their progression through the school and still takes them at singing club, I thought that we should show some appreciation with a cushion that combined her initial, that of her fianc√©, and their shared love of music.  Hope that she likes it!

Both pieces use a very pale blue Madeira thread on Kona snow for the background - this could be a new love for me!

However, I'm very aware that I only have part of one reel of it, and I'm not entirely sure that it would be enough to quilt the disappearing nine patch which is next on my quilting list (it's backed and basted, but didn't get any further than that) so I will probably have to leave it for another quilt or two.

Hope that spring has sprung wherever you are!


  1. Very funny about the prawn! These are both lovely Plum.

  2. The prawn story is hilarious! Love the cushion too, what a thoughtful gift I bet she will be thrilled with it.

  3. Well not quiet the prawns we get off our coast Plum. LOL. I think it is real cute and it reminds me of Spring not a Prawn???? it will make a lovely book cover for a Xmas present. Your pillow is lovely too she is a very lucky girl. Cheers Glenda

  4. Oh how pretty is that pillow love the idea of the different threads. The other piece would be a beautiful book cover to display on a coffee table.

  5. Beautiful quilting! In both pieces. Good idea to add the bride's and the groom's initials!

  6. thankyou, for reading my occasional blog and yes I carry a traveling sewing kit too,just the thing when hanging around, and yes, who is the prawn singing to? love it..

  7. So there was no April fool involved ? Lovely quilting!

  8. Spring has sprung - cool though for us. Lovely pillow, Plum.


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