Wednesday, 30 April 2014

More little sewn things

Another few minutes of machine sewing!

Take eight pieces of fabric (mine were 5" x 7" - four plain, four print), some thread, some time, two hair elastics, two buttons and these instructions from Listen to the Birds Sing, and you too could make two little 'tea wallets' in a matter of minutes, with the very straightforward tutorial.

Of course, I'd no sooner made them than I was already thinking of other ways that they could be used.  Not for me four fancy tea bags, oh no!  I have visions of needles and pins through one of the bottom pockets, three of those flat cardboard thread spool shaped thingys (I'm sure that someone knows the name of what I'm trying to describe!) with some lovely threads, and a piece of fabric folded into the last pocket.  All I'd need is a thread cutter gadget (or a dental floss box, or some tiny thread snips or scissors) and I'd have a handbag sized portable sewing project kit). 

Or some sewing cotton, some paper hexies and some fabric squares, all ready for basting and sewing them together.

Or I could sew one of the pockets into tubes for small coloured pencils, stick a little pad in another pocket, and have a portable quilt design kit.

So many ideas!  I may just have to sit down and make a few more.  I can see them being popular with small people who will probably have as many ideas as I have, and even more requirements for specific sized pockets for Play mobil / jewellery / cosmetics / favourite pebbles........  I'd better get very good at that 1/8th of an inch top stitching, and stock up with hair bobbles!


  1. Those pouches look great and, as you say, very useful for things other than teabags!!

  2. Oooh yes, lots of uses, thank you, Im off to follow the link! (awesome fabric too!!!)


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