Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Late Finish for March Quilt

I'm trying to keep up with my 'quilts from stash' one a month idea.

This is slightly late, I admit, but is now finished. The flimsy was made in March, but it's taken until now in April to get it finished.

It's a little less than 60" square - so quite big blocks - but all made without purchasing anything extra.

The quilting is a large stipple with occasional flowers dotted along the stipple lines.  I like how fast meandering is for quilting - it took less than an hour and a half to quilt this.  I tend to add small motifs when I want a bit more interest.  As I was quilting with white thread the flowers are mainly on the darker fabric.

I was pleased that I managed to remember to get the stripes in the darker fabric to march neatly across - I'm not great at using directional fabric, so it was great to actually think about the directions before I sewed everything together!  Perhaps my years of quilting are finally starting to pay off!


  1. This looks lovely finished Plum - I had a go and produced a top the same size - enjoyed the process but felt the 10" starter squares a bit on the big size - will probably revisit it but with 6" squares as I like the way the pattern marches across the finished article - I'm a great devotee of large meander quilting with the odd motif thrown in - great for finishing up something wanted in a hurry - thanks again for sharing the instructions

  2. Hi Plum it looks so fresh and clean I real like it. Even though it looks simple I'm sure you had to be very carful in the placing of all those pieces. I have to check all my messages before printing them as I get at least 10 spam a day on my blog it is very frustrating. Cheers glenda

  3. Lovely, lovely and well done on the stripes.

  4. I'd rather gone off D9P patchworks recently, but I really like this one! I've pinned it, hope that's OK :-)

  5. Nice!! It's a great color combo - KUDOS for the stash finish!!


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