Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Book-ings now being taken!

 With the season of school leaving / teacher thank you gifts fast approaching (or at least, it certainly feels that way!) I am DELIGHTED to tell you that I have finally found a book cover finish that I am really pleased with.

Of course, a good blogger would have it all neatly detailed with splendid photos and a concise yet clear set of instructions.

Of course, a good blogger may not have her brain fried by the delights of the Easter Holidays (!).  The fact that I have anything to show at all is remarkable!

However, as I plan to make more of these covers, I will, at some point, try and make an illustrated tutorial.

I know, of course that this will just give you all a chance to say to yourselves "Didn't she know this before?" when you see how simple it is, but  I've been living life in the slow lane and this is my own personal revelation.

If I say 'turn through method, but remember to add the extra sleeve pieces before you sew around it' most of you will be able to work out exactly what I mean without any fancy tutorial.  That's the joy of like minded people congregating on the internet!

So I shall leave you with these (not brilliant) photos of the book cover that I have made (in real life I'd be making you admire the FMQ carefully stitched around each element of the logo.....) and go off to continue celebrating the tidy finish on it!


  1. That looks great! Did you sacrifice a school shirt? As I have problems with spacial awareness id love to have instructions ! (And photos are the best kind) hope the hols are going well

  2. i luv it mummy!!!!(!)!!!!!!!

    LUV DD2 (dear daughter 2)


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