Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Swim, Cake, Swim!

OK, I confess, there hasn't been a whole lot of crafting going on this week (and at the risk of sounding dull; ouch!  my wrists, ouch!  The bracelets (see last post!) were tough on them!).

Instead I present to you the cake that even my husband said, tactfully of, "it's one of your simpler designs, isn't it?".

He's right.  It is a simple design, but with the main oven out of action, my mind on other things, and only limited use of my hands, simple had to be the way to go!

At least I've got nearly two weeks until DD1's actual birthday, so if I can come up with some inspiration I might try something fancier than a big slab!

Made with love, and to represent the fact that she was having a swimming party - that must count for something, right?!

Hope that you are having a good week for crafting and sewing.


  1. Simple designs are often the best in any media - I like it - hope she has a lovely birthday and you take care of those wrists xxx

  2. It's fab, and I bet it's yummy too, and even a simple Plum cake is head and shoulders over a benta-spent-all-day-trying-to -make-something cake!!!!


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