Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Sweat shop?

 Not really a sweat shop, but deciding that I needed to make 18 personalised charm bracelets as party favours may not have been the wisest decision I've ever made.  Lets just say that I won't be doing much hand sewing this week whilst my hand and wrist joints recover!

Having said that, I am happy that the bracelets (with lots of water themed charms) are looking fab and will make a bunch of 11 year girls very happy!

The only sewing I've done is to make a few bags from Benta's excellent tutorial (thanks, Benta!). 

Just two shown here, as the rest have already been gifted!

Hope you all had a lovely St David's Day, and have a lovely crafty week ahead.


  1. Those bags look as if they have been made from some very nice hand dyed fabric?

  2. Oh gosh, mamouth task!!! Hope it goes well (what happened with the school place?). Thanks for the shout, I've been mass producing urban thread's bunnies for Kids ' crafty church next month, then the left overs will be left where they can find new homes!

  3. The bracelets are lovely and will be so greatly appreciated! Definitely worth the hard work I reckon :o) xx

  4. The bracelets look great! What a big task to take on, but you've pulled it off, well done!!

  5. Oh goodness, yes I think you'll be busy, but it will be worth it once you've finished and see it being enjoyed by the 11 years olds

  6. The bracelets look amazing - hope your hands and wrists recover soon and you can get back to sewing!


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