Wednesday, 26 March 2014

More Cake!

 It was a cake week again!  This time the actual birthday was celebrated with an after school tea-party and jewellery making session (oh, and a bit of a play with the hens!).

Chocolate cake with chocolate butter icing, a palisade of chocolate finger biscuits, topped with chocolate buttons and lots of other chocolates across the top.....what can I say?  It was chocalicious!
I have to be honest, not a whole lot of sewing going on again.  Just these two little samples to check that this bird design and size would be suitable for a 'district craft day' - Brownies and Guides give so much to my girls that it would be hard to turn down an invitation to run a crafting activity as part of a full day of crafting early next month.

Now I need to start on cutting out the pairs of bird shapes - lots of them!  That way the girls will be able to concentrate on the sewing and decorating rather than the cutting, and I get to protect my favourite Gingher scissors!

Hope that you are enjoying some spring crafting too!


  1. Your birds are adorable Plum... thanks for sharing them... Love your blog header too!! Sweet...

  2. Love the cake, glad all went well, and the birds are adorable!

  3. Cute birds and I agree, I wouldn't be able to turn down Guides either, both my girls spent many years in brownies and guides although I think they've renamed them now! That cake looks good too :)

  4. Cakes looks yummy ! And the birds are really sweet x


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