Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Kantha Capers

 I broke off from my C&G kantha sample in order to make two little valentines pieces.

This one doesn't show up that well - sorry - I was photographing it to try and show the background stitching, but it was at the expense of clarity of the stitched motifs!

Anyway, it's a chain stitched bird with a little back stitched heart.  The background stitching echoes the shape of the motifs
 This one suffered in the photo slightly too.  A long stitched heart, this time the background stitching is straight up and down (which is much easier and quicker than stitching around the motifs in my opinion).

Both cards need more in the way of a border, but they are a good start ahead of Valentine's day next week.
This is the bigger C&G sample piece.  Just like the smaller pieces, it is four layers of butter muslin (so an open weave) and really soft to work on and through. 

This one is printed with the basic motifs that I wanted to use, and then stitched around with lively colours.  I might go back and stitch over some of the purple ink, particularly on the ladybirds.

I need to add all the background stitching now.  Plenty to keep my hands busy this week.


  1. Love the ladybirds Plum. Cheers Glenda

  2. Really like the background stitching i n the heart one. Is it difficult ti keep even? I'd like to try it out.

  3. I like all the handstitching you are showing here and in the previous post. My daughter (24) is planning to do a whole quilt with a coton thread in big stitches like you did the multi coloured one from your previous post. She started patching and quilting 2 years ago, so maybe your daughters will too in the future? I don't know how old they are? But I didn't encourage mine and she just started.

  4. All looking fab, well done !!! See you on monday xxx


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