Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Runner Long (run along....?)

Hurrah!  I've run the quilting threads all over my runner, and I can now declare it FINISHED!

It did only take a total of 17 hours but as they were so spread out over the weeks it started to feel like it took much longer!
You can see that I did a mixture of 'wired' feathers and 'normal' feathers with a fairly tight stipple behind them so that the motifs stand out.  I think that it works fairly well to reduce the standout grey patches.

I did take Kandy's advice and use the same grey for the binding which has also helped.
Not easy to photograph it as it is, as the title suggests (see, not just put in for the pun!), long.
Here it is in situ.  Although not household which is overly religious, part of our Christmas tradition is having out the Nativity knitted by my late MiL.  Here you can see it in pride of place on my new cupboard runner.

If I remember, I'll take a shot of the knitted carol singers that she made too - one Christmas knitted set for each of my DDs.  They are much loved and cherished by the girls, partly for what they represent - a labour of love with them in mind - and partly because they are just so cute!

Hope that you are enjoying some pre-Christmas crafting time.


  1. Nice finish! I love those knitted (imagine!) people...such fun...hugs, Julierose

  2. very pretty! love the feather quilting.

  3. Oh Plum they look so lovely spread over that beautiful runner, just love the quilting you did on it, and what a back drop that lovely white mini quilt, it makes the perfect setting, would love to see a close up of the nativity scene as they look so lovely. Cheers Glenda

  4. Plum, that quilting is amazing, 17 hours is a bit of a long stint, but gosh, an amazing result!

  5. My friend Helen has just started knitting the same nativity for next year. A lady from her church gave her the pattern.


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