Wednesday, 18 December 2013

One, Two, Tree!

 The three stages of tree making - or, currently, where DD1 is, where DD2 is, and my finished tree!  This is the follow on project from the Santas - another part of Jodi's (from Ric-Rac) project on FaveCrafts.

I'm not sure that we'll have three trees finished by Christmas Day, but it's nice that the girls wanted to join in with some sewing!
I seem to have spent a reasonable amount of time prepping applique pieces over freezer paper for my Love Entwined.  I am still working on the third vase / corner - but Esther published the fourth vase / corner earlier this week, so I'm not quite 'keeping up'.  Never mind, as I think that I'm going to stop at this point and not carry on to make a massive coverlet I'll have plenty to time to catch up again!
I've also managed a few small samples based on the Staffordshire Hoard. Very glitzy.  Lots of fun.  Not really moving me towards a quilt design for a 'proper' quilt rather than an art quilt / wall quilt. 
 I'm sure that it will all help at some point, and that my subconscious mind is working hard on the different aspects that I'd like to include!
I can always hope, anyway, can't I?

You can see that this one was made with the cut outs from the one above, can't you?  Not the same effect at all, but fun to play!

Of course, I have realised all over again (as if I was in any doubt) that although these are fun I'm not really keen on gold and red.  I rather think that I'll be moving back to silver and purple instead (or plain grey and Batik purple, perhaps?) when I make 'proper' samples for whatever quilt I design.


  1. LE--I don't think one should worry about "keeping up" with this project. I have discovered, however, that it is necessary to stitch once in a while to keep from lagging behind too much. I met a friend yesterday who is "almost caught up". I'm not racing. And I'm doing the Broderie Perse thing (for the first time in my life). Quite different.

  2. Plum, now I am lagging behind - I'm just finishing the 1st vase - you are almost there. Love your golden horse.

  3. Love the Christmas trees, and the gold work is stunning. The red and gold looks great too, is it the lack of contrast that disappoints you? Red and silver instead ? Or gold and black?


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