Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Lights, Camera, Action!

 The girls have been back at school almost a week now - and I have my first finish to show for the term!

If I conveniently overlook the bit where I scorched the only piece of white fabric that I had available for the cushion centre, necessitating an unforeseen trip to my LQS at the weekend (the girls loved it, really, no, I hardly had to bribe them with bags of scraps at all, honestly......!) it all went well!

I'd been asked to make a cushion cover incorporating film / camera / theatre motifs, ready for an 18th birthday later this year. 

I needed to have it made in time for next Monday, as I only see the person who'd asked me to make it three times a year.  I'm really pleased that I have made the deadline with time to spare!
I hope that she likes the design that I've come up with.  I have realised that because she's only ever seen what I stitch during ballet lesson waiting, she might be expecting something hand stitched.  This is not hand stitched - all lovely, lovely machine stitching! (and 18" square, if you are interested in the scale).

I'm keeping quiet about my lack of hand stitch progress on Love Entwined.  Just four days to go until part 4 is published and even if I stitched full time from now until then I wouldn't have finished part 3!  Not to worry, it will wait for me!

Just as well, as I'm about to start cutting fabric for another quilt with a deadline!

Hope you are finding time for some happy stitching.


  1. Really lovely Plum. I'm sure it will be treasured.

  2. That's fab, all machine stitched? Really gorgeous!!

  3. Thanks for passing by on my website.
    What a beautiful cushion. Very creative! They will love it for sure!

  4. Beautiful design. I am sure she will love it.


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