Thursday, 5 September 2013

Coot Club Forever (and Ever)!

 Are you a fan of Arthur Ransome books too?

I loved them and seem to have passed this on to my DDs, I'm pleased to say!

A few days staying in Norfolk with my sister allowed us to pay homage to Coot Club and The Big Six last week.

With the organisational skills of my sister, boat driving skills of my BiL and eldest nephew, and some lovely weather we spent a wonderful day on the Norfolk Broads

 When not engaged in helping to steer, the girls loved watching for Great Crested Grebe, Coots (of course!), swans, and anything else that they could see.

Of course, any wooden motor cruisers were marked down as the Margoletta, and their crew as Hullabaloos.  Any vessel under sail examined to see if it could be The Teasel or Titmouse.  We managed to trip into Roys of Wroxham  (the shop that sells nearly everything!) too.  Lots of ticks on the mental list of 'things to do related to Coot Club without actually teaching the girls to sail'!
I'm pleased to say that a stop off at the end of the day to look at the Staithe at Horning lead to the discovery of a little yarn bombing - DD2 was quite taken by the idea of an arm cover for the bench!  This is just about the only textile related item for the entire week - my sewing plans haven't really come to anything.

Finally, tea at The Swan Inn at Horning.

I'm sure that none of The Death and Glories, Port, Starboard or Tom Dudgeon would have gone there for a meal, but the lack of authenticity was made up for by the meal being delicious and their big cousin kind with his largesse of piggy back rides!

A lovely 'last hurrah' for the hols.  We are now back to the usual school routine, this year simplified slightly by my DDs being on the same school site.

Happy autumn (or with weather this warm, Sortumn) thoughts to you all!  I'm off to plan a trip to the Lake District to examine Swallows and Amazons territory.


  1. What a lovely way to end the holidays. Hope the return has been OK. I'm the mother of a 5th and 6th former now - very daunting.

  2. Love to armchair travel with you...great pics...what a lovely holiday...hugs, Julierose

  3. i loved those books but couldn't get the girls into them :-( there are several sailing clubs near me. (filled gravel pits and reservoirs) and they sometimes do free taster sessions, i don't hear about them any more although Niki did go again this year, but if you find any on Google next year (check out Horton, Datchet. or Wraysbury) ill happily collect you from the station and you and i can sit and watch (and chat and sew) while they sail all for the price of a train ticket!

  4. What a lovely way to finish the school holidays. Enjoy the weather and your girls.

  5. That's my yarn bomb! :) can I ask when you took the picture?! Was wondering if it was still there, did it about 5 weeks ago now :)
    Stacey xxx

    (@mummy_stacey on IG)


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