Thursday, 8 August 2013

Scattergun Approach!

I got as far as (machine) basting my borders onto my Love Entwined top.  A fairly laborious process to get to this point.  I:
Foundation pieced strips of fabric together.
Ironed freezer paper zig zags that I'd traced from the pattern onto the back of the stripy fabric piece that I'd made, lining up the seams with the seam lines that I'd drawn.

Ran a line of sewing along the middle to make sure that the freezer paper wouldn't shift.

Cut out the fabric zig zags.

Pieced the corner blocks over paper.

Joined the corner blocks to the long zig zag strips

Marked the top with the position of the border, pinned and then machine basted it down with a line along the middle.

All I need to do now is to sew it down, turning the seam allowance as I go before removing the freezer paper.  Not a difficult thing to do, but quite a long one!

 It makes adding these cones and daisies look like a quick job in comparison!

I decided to make a slight variation on the pattern.  Instead of appliquing one circle on top of another I put one inside another!  I fussy cut a little dot before making a yo-yo that would let it peep out.  It finished the size of a 5p piece, which is what I used to form my flowers.

I think that I'm just about keeping up with the pattern, but need to add some other flowers as well in the next the border may have to be a 'work in progress' for a while longer!

 Of course, it being the school holidays means that I haven't had quite as much sewing time as usual.

As I've wanted to carry on with some of my C&G course too, my DDs and I have been enjoying 'bead week' - so far beads from fabric, Fimo and foil (also beads from a fabric and wire combination which haven't been photographed yet).  Still to come (two more days of the week left!) beads made from other beads and paper rolled beads.

That should be enough crafting fun for all of us, once you add in stamping ATCs, water colour pencil fun and general 'having a go' at other kits in the cupboard.  My girls might not get a chance to be properly bored this summer but I'm hoping that crafts / daily music mini-lessons and plenty of time with friends in the fresh air will get them properly stimulated and then worn out!

So, as you can see, I'm not really concentrating on one thing at the moment, but at least making some progress, even if it is scattered over more than one project!

Sorry for the slightly odd layout of this blog post.  Blogger and I generally get on fine, but one of us is being slightly awkward this morning!


  1. Love your beadwork, especially the green ones.
    Your quilt will be very beautiful. A lot of work! Look forward to see it finished!

  2. That looks wonderful, Plum, and so vibrant! Enjoy stitching the zigzags, I found it went a lot quicker than I had thought....

  3. Gosh the zigzag border looks fab! Have you seen the apliquick method? I've watched a demo here at FOQ, and am going to give it a go xx

  4. Hey, I really love your colors for Love Entwined, and the daisies variation is fabulous. :D This is going to be awesome.


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