Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Oh No!


 It was all going so well!  Eleven out of the twelve petal flowers done, I was feeling great about my progress.

Then I got ahead of myself.  I thought that I'd spray a little water to wash out the blue marking pen marks that I'd made so that I could iron a freezer paper template onto the back of the piece for the next stage (getting ready to back-baste another applique section).

This was a mistake, as I found out that I hadn't managed to wash all the loose dye out of the fabrics that I was using for the petal flowers..... oh no!

I'm not sure that this photo really show the full amount of colour bleeding that has actually taken place..... and it looks a bit odd as I was taking the photo against the window, so the damp bits look really pale.  Oh well.  I live and learn (sometimes, other times I just make daft mistakes!). 

I've been given a few ideas about how to deal with it (and how to prevent it another time, if I ever dye fabrics again).  I've ordered some Synthrapol, and look forward to having a play with it soon.

Back on the horse with the applique, just as soon as I get a little more time - the last week of the school hols is looking like a busy one!


  1. Fingers crossed on the dye removal Plum.


  2. hope it all somes out for you!
    Or as Grand'mere used to say to me..
    "....don't worry, it'll quilt out...." or you could add tiny appliques leaves around them....hugs, Julierose

  3. oh no, you've had a few problems with colours this year haven't you? its looking gorgeous though!

  4. Hi I do hope the colour catchers help get rid of the dye.
    It looks beautiful. fingers crossed.


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