Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Rose Band

 This has been a week of making ruched roses.  I don't think that I'll ever be tired of seeing how a 22" x 2" strip of fabric can be sewn with zig zags of running stitch and drawn up into these highly textured roses.  Aren't they fun?

I added them to a band that had been quilted with a loose leaf design with a few extra leaves added for additional interest.  It's very bold dimensional applique!

That's another hat band finished.

My other applique, on Love Entwined, is a lot flatter.  I've added a little more to it this week, but hope to make even more progress next week.  I might even stretch to a photo!

With hat bands on the increase, it was time to start the hat!

It was time to draw out the shape of hat brim that I wanted (more brim to shade me at the front than the back, as I get irritated if a car head rest tries to tip my hat off if it has a wide brim all around) before starting to construct the hat.

The most fun bit so far?  Adding the brim wire using a zipper foot tight up to it, which has given it a lovely defined edge.

I hoped to finish it today but had to waste time and energy sorting out a washing machine flood - at least in this weather the floor is drying very quickly!  Just the outer crown  and some stitching on the brim to add with a little bias binding to complete the look inside.  It does look plain, doesn't it?  I hope that's an advantage when showing off the different bands I hope to make.


  1. I love your ruched roses Plum!!

  2. This is intriguing! I hope you will show more of this hat making proces. Love hats although I don't wear them as much as I want.

  3. Those roses look amazing, and I love the hat pattern. Will you be doing commissions? I need a design that will incorporate my hair clip when my hair is up!

  4. fancy you being a hatter (is there a posh word? milnier or something like that?)the zigzaged wire gives an amazing edge, looking forward to see the lovely roses on it

  5. Haberdasher, perhaps?... Love your ruched roses! I can't wait to see your finished hat. Hope you post it next Wednesday. A question: Do you wind the pre-ruched strip bottom up or top down for the coil? Each one is perfect! Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Your ruching is beautiful! It will look stunningm what a great design for a hat! I also need one that will incorporate my hairclip.......

  7. oh my gosh! Those roses are fabulous! How did you learn to do them? Is there a book about this?


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