Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Cords and a Hat Band

 I've been having fun this week turning threads into cords in various ways (read 'trimmings part of C&G course) for this particular turning in my crafting skill set!).

Orange isn't my 'go to' colour, but it happened that I'd got a bundle of threads with no other particular use, so, as shown here, I used some of them for wrapping to make this thick cord.

I've also used braid circles, finger knotting, plaiting, zigzag over sewing  and all sorts of other threads along side these in order to make lots of different cords.

Next week I aim to find ways of joining some of them in order to make more substantial braids and trims - or at least, that is the plan!
 My hand stitching this week has been concentrated on this scrumple finish hat band.  I started by using a meander shirring pattern on some fabric. 

After stabilising it I added hand stitching in two different variegated threads and a scattering of beads.

The whole thing was more time consuming than I expected, but also very relaxing!  It required less concentration than any of the other stitching that I'd prepared, so was easier for me to work on during the hot weather that we've been having.

I'm off to hope for a return of grey skies and more moderate temperatures, and to think of more cunning cord making plans!   I should, of course, be making the hat for this to be the band of!


  1. Your scrumple band looks yummy with the beads!
    Grey skies don't seem to be making a come back yet......

  2. love the hat band! a card making method that the girls may enjoy making friendship bracelets from. . .

    take 4 x 2meters embroidery silk, variegated or mixed colours look good. knot at one end, hook over door handle, nail. or similar,( have a fork handy) take the other end, and stand 2m away so the threads are horizontal and make sure they are 'tidy'. knot this end and start to twist the threads. twist and twist and twist, (don't let go). when you really can't do any more, push one of the tines of the fork through your testing end and put it down somewhere safe. the thread will start to twist on itself. when it does this really tightly get someone else (or the nail or for knob) to hold the two ends (don't let go) while you make sure the rest twists neatly. you cankeep pulling at the twists to tidy them. now tie a new knot at the knotted end, and this will not come undone.

    now hook thelooped end over the nail/knob, pick up the knotted end and start twisting (the opposite way) and do the same again. when it looks about right to go round a wrist or ankle. wrap it round and push the knot through the loop, reknot. if necessary to make it the right length and trim so there ua about 1inch/ 2cm tail.

    the child minded children made these every summer, no help needed from adults, if the end does get dropped they can pick up and start again, they end up with a REMOVABLE bracelet unlike most friendship bracelets, abduction they can help each other and make it twice as fast if they have a person at each end twisting opposite directions

  3. sorry some strange spell check corrections and i may have missed out some stages (the fork was so they could have a rest then pick it up and start again), and adult help may be needed at the let-it-twist stage, but im sure you can work it out. pound land sell packs of silks


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