Wednesday, 3 July 2013

All at Sea with a Mariner's Compass

 I haven't done oodles of sewing this week, but to make up for it, what I've done I've done twice!

This was my first attempt at the central Mariner's Compass for Love Entwined.  I didn't pay enough attention to position of the green back ground / blue points, and when I sewed it to the background I found that I hadn't really been careful enough with my circle template, so although on one side the points went neatly to the edge, they were stranded nearer the middle on the other side.
I decided that it was going to be easier to remake the entire compass than to try salvaging bits from the first one, so yesterday I re-made it, a little less hastily!

I should have re-balanced the colours in both photos - the pink is actually a hot pink and works beautifully with the other others, a mix of (my own!) hand-dyes and commercial prints.
The quilt is destined to take about 35 yards of fabric in total, and apart from the background (about 7 1/2 yards) I'm hoping to make it mainly from my stash.  I'm thinking cheerful and scrappy.

Next task on this is to applique 3/8" circles around the compass (32 of them!).  Or use fusible, or sequins, or buttons, or something.  I've got links to at least 4 different methods of making tiny applique circles, so I'm hoping that one at least will work for me.

Can you tell that the back basted tree has moved down the list temporarily?  I've stitched about a third of it and it's so wonderfully portable that I plan to just keep it in my handbag ready for 'swimming mum' and 'ballet mum' type moments when I'm sitting and waiting. 

Hope that you have a fun stitching week too!


  1. I love Mariner's Compass but have only made it twice, it's pretty tricky but yours looks great.

  2. Wow! I love it. It sings, and I am sure it is even better in real life. I am needleturning the little circles at the moment. It's fun!

  3. Lovely points Plum, good luck with the circles.

  4. gulp! its *beautiful*, absolutely stunning! what size is it?

  5. what a wonderful compass! I may have to make mine over again as I can't seem to get it to fit the ring. It does measure 8" so don't know where the problem is. ???

  6. Hi, Plum. What a beautiful compass block. Great start to Esther's pattern. I'm almost envious that you're doing it...I would have liked to do it, too. You'll have lots of stitching pleasure on that one!
    best from Tunisia,

  7. I love the colours and fabrics chosen.


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