Monday, 24 June 2013

Let Them Eat Cake - Please!

 Hard to believe that my DD2 is 8! 

She requested a circus theme for her birthday.

We bought her stilts, juggling scarves, plates to spin (amongst other things).  Cousins handed over a clown costume made by their shared Grandmother.  I set to and make cakes.

This is the one that she had on her birthday - if she'd been later home from school I'd have had time to add a pennant to the top, decorations along the path, perhaps even a 'gate' over the path too.  Despite this she was still pleased with it!

I was so pleased that my SiL has such a great tin, it made making this cake a doddle.
This was the cake that she had for her birthday.

Another simple design, but quite a big impact.  The first thing she did after blowing out the candles was steal the nose and eat it, before running out to play with all her party friends in the garden again.  Rather cute, two of her friends stayed behind to replace the missing nose with a strawberry!

I've managed to hand over quite a lot of the cakes to other people, but there is still plenty left if anyone wants to drop by and sample a slice in the next day or two!
It was a day of baking on Friday. 

We started early as DD2 was given a cake pop maker for her birthday, so we had cake pops for breakfast.  We've managed to get a little neater at decorating them, but still room for improvement!

I also made and decorated  36 cup cakes (using left over butter icing from the big cakes - so quite quick, I'm pleased to say).

I am so enjoying a quiet (non-baking!) day today, after a busy weekend doing lovely things with both girls.  I'm planning small hand sewing things this week, nothing at all grand or big or requiring much in the way of thought or physical effort.

Hope that you are having midsummer fun too!


  1. Great cakes!! My kids seem to be more demanding every year with the cake decor lol. You seem to ahve it down pat!!!!

  2. Wow, great caked Plum, and very funny about the noseless clown getting a strawberry nose - in some circles that would have been interpreted as the result of too much alcohol consumption, bu tI guess it was n alcohol-free cake.

  3. Fab cakes, can you post a slice to me? I have a cup cake maker, similar I guess yo the pop cake version - I can now make yummy moist cakes for the first time ever!


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