Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Dear Jane Take Two

 This is my I-13 towards the Dear Jane quilt that Liba started.  This block, lovely though it is, didn't go quite to plan - this is my second go at it this time around. (I'm sorry about the photo, I clearly didn't get the lighting right, as the colours are more similar to the one shown below).
This is the first one that I made, using Liba's fabric that had ideas of it's own about where its colour should be!  The problem started when I sprayed the block with water to make the wash out marker disappear.  This is the block even after it had gone through the washing machine.  Not ideal.  Not at all ideal.  I know that reds sometimes bleed, but this was really quite intense!  It can't be used in the quilt, obviously, so I re-made it in the closest red print that I had to this (and yes, I checked for colour fastness first!).

 Still, here it is next to my own I-13 made some years ago.  I *think* that my piecing has improved slightly, but only slightly!

For light relief (or should that be low relief, ho ho) I also made these machined beach huts. I'm not entirely sure that the proportions are right, but it was a change from hand stitching shells, which is the other sewing that I've been doing, which I'll probably show you next week.  As we're now in our final school half-term my thoughts are obviously turning already to summer holidays!

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  1. Oh gosh, good job that was discovered before the blocks were assembled! Love the beach huts


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