Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Crafting and Crisps - what a combination!

Kettle Chips - Louise Gardiner It's not often that I see and advert and 1) rip it out to put it in the back of my sketch book and 2) Google it to find out more!

What I found was that the latest Kettle Chips adverts have been sewn and painted by Lou Gardiner.  Go and have a look at her site and you'll be able to enjoy not just these images, which just show the basic packets, but also a whole range of her work which is stunning!  The site is beautifully set out too.  I'm still drooling over some of the examples of her work, and wondering if I'd ever be able to produce anything so lovely.  Sadly, I think that the answer is 'no', but that won't stop me having fun in my own small way!

Of course, if I could eat crisps whilst crafting without getting greasy fingers on my projects, that would be another great accomplishment!

I've finished my first 'freezer paper on top' attempt.  I think that you can see that the right hand side was the second one - so at least I've improved a bit, although whether its better sewing or better pinning / layout of the spindly piece I'm not sure!

I'm hoping to find out soon as I'm just preparing another two pieces (the same size as this, 8 1/2" square).  Quite fiddly, but very portable!

Not much other sewing to show.  I've made a sample hat brim (with a different type of stiffener in each quarter!) and then these ice cream post cards, prompted by picking up some doilies in Poundland this morning.  I'm not really a doily person for serving food, but quite like them now and then for card making and scrapbooking!


  1. Lovely, lovely, lovely wreath. Aren't those ads fantastic? I did exactly the same when I saw them. I wonder how many stitchers have them pasted into their sketch / inspiration books now?

  2. i haven't seen that advert, ill have to check the web site!!! the applique looks insane, especially. the stalk, fab, but insane!

  3. The thing with leaves (even blue leaves) is that they're organic, and not all of them are the same! Ones that are, have been made by a machine, not a person! Thanks for the Kettle Chips heads-up as it's passed me by.


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