Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Funny Bunnies (and cake!)

 Without too much help (well, I sewed around the basic shape on the sewing machine) the girls and a few of their friends made these Funny Bunnies.  It was a fun activity.  Not too much prep, but access to my button box and some felt gave us a good time making and naming these little stuffies.

You can see my paper pattern - it is free from Urban Threads under their Freebies section.  So far we haven't made any for leaving in the library / at bus stops or wherever. 

We thought that we'd better keep our first attempts, but will make them again, perhaps in fleece, for passing on to others.

It was another week for cake making - this time for the birthday party (yes, a swimming party, you've guessed it!).  An easy one to decorate this time, with the use of Playmobil swimming figures and 'fishy' jelly sweets.  I have to be honest, the making of the cakes inside would have been easier if I'd waited until the shopping delivery - as it was I ran out of 'normal' flour and had to add some substitute to the vanilla layer.  I'm pleased to say that using a yeasted bread mix didn't seem to detract from the cake, though, and it still tastes fine (and wasn't too leaden either!).
This week my DDs are back at school, and I'm hoping to spend time finishing my C&G wall hanging.  Photos next week, perhaps.


  1. Cute bunnies! Looks like a great activity for kids. Love the cake especially the 'ropes' ;)

  2. Love the bunnies! Move made monsters like that but lovely to see that n identifiable animal works too, hope it's ok to Pin them to remind me next Easter!!

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