Saturday, 23 February 2013

Starting Faux Trapunto

I was lucky enough to be able to take a workshop with Ferret through my quilt group.  We were taught three different methods of faux trapunto (well, I guess one method with three different versions).  These are what I produced during the day, courtesy of my little Singer Featherweight (great for FMQ, light enough to take to a workshop - I feel a bit bad that I don't use her at home more, but I have my Bernina set up permanently in my craft room, so there doesn't seem to be any real reason to.

The first sample is the one that's closest to being finished.  The base is ordinary wadding sewn around and cut back to the rose shape, with a full layer of batting underneath.  I've added a stipple in blue, with a micro stipple (unfinished), in white.  The second sample is made by sewing the rose shape through a layer of turquoise felt which is then cut back and re-sewn over a full layer of ordinary batting.  I haven't quilted around this one at all yet.

This sample (probably my favourite) has a layer of batting sewn through and then cut back to the rose shape, before bright pink felt (and I mean bright!) was used a full layer behind it.  Still unfinished, but I really do like the tiny pebbles around it, time and thread consuming though they are.  The stitching leaves sufficient holes that the pink shows through (note to self, use a finer needle in future if I don't want quite such a pronounced effect, or when I'm going to be sewing on the silk mix.  This was a 'Universal' but I'll probably want a 60 or similar).  I'll try to finish them properly in the next few weeks and show you the finished item.


  1. Wow, that's really effective. Lovely.

  2. They look really interesting.

  3. Great results, lucky you! Did we do something similar with Kandy on BQL? The colour play came out really well too, I really like the weaving


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