Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Spring and Biscuits

Not the delicious type of dunk in your tea biscuits, but these - a type of quilting that I have hitherto avoided, and having make this 12" sample, plan to avoid in the future too!

I'm not sure why it's called biscuit quilting, but I suspect that it's to do with the US baked good that gets served with gravy at meals in some parts of the US...... Maybe someone out there has more knowledge than I do about this.  Anyway, it's a style of 'quilting' that involved big squares of fabric pinned onto small squares of fabric, sewn around on three sides, stuffed and the sewing completed before being joined to similar units. 
Not really my thing, although I suppose that on the whole I'm happy to have tried it!
Do you remember that I started this little tile a while ago?  Looking very spring-like it now appears on the Patchwork Meadow site (if you look at the bottom of their page you can see where it says 1 of 15.  Click on the >> and admire all the patches.  Mine is currently on page 11 at the bottom  You can vote for a favourite if you can choose one - there are lots of lovely tiles there!).  I am quite pleased with how fresh it looks, although I am now wondering if I should have tried something more adventurous design-wise!

Nothing else finished this week.  I've got various sample blocks in various unfinished states and I'm still working on finishing the faux trapunto quilting, so I don't feel that I'm missing out on sewing at the moment, just on concentrating long enough to finish anything!  I'd like to blame a problem with my back, but although I means that I've been pretty uncomfortable, I have been repaired well enough by my lovely osteopath that I can use the sewing machine again, which is good news!  Perhaps I'll manage to finish something soon!

Hope that you are feeling spring-like and getting on well with any projects that you have.


  1. I think it's good to try new techniques but must say that doesn't sound like a whole lot of fun! Bet the quilt would be warm though.

  2. ooh now your bring back memories, I made a little puf bag quilt for my pram when my babies were babies, all in pastels- in the olden days.....

  3. Lovely daffodils Plum. The biscuit quilting is something I've also avoided, but your sample looks charming.

  4. The daffs are lovely, very cheerful, the puff/biscuit quilt I will probably never copy, but well done for giving it a go!


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