Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Who would want to see this?

 Well really, I mean, it's a hanging that I made for my SiL, its Christmassy, fun, finished (always important!), its quilted and so on.....

but I'm sure that you'd rather see these little loves instead!  Five days old, collected from the Domestic Fowl Trust near Bidford on Avon, and currently living under a heat lamp in our living room.  We are hoping that they are all girls, as promised, and we are hoping that 'Sunshine' the littlest one, manages to hold her own against the others.
Of course, I'd like to hold my own against Blogger - these chicks are more golden than lavender, as you might guess from the bottom of the photo!


  1. lovely, lovely to all. Lavender chicks might be a coming thing you know!

  2. What kind of chicks are they??

  3. SIL's wall hanging is yummy, but yes, I'd be certainly wanting to sit with the chicks while I looked at it! Hang in there Sunshine!

  4. I love the chicks. I have an Eglu but empty at present since a fox got the residents on an afternoon stroll in my garden. I was traumatised (fox grabbed one right by my feet and bit its head off!) Next time will keep them safely in the pen. Good luck with them. x


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